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Knit Patterns

Knit Patterns

Sophisticated Spirit Shawl

If you’re like me, you love to cheer for your favorite team…but you like to do it with some sophistication, not with mass-produced team gear. Enter the Sophisticated Spirit Shawl! Available in 2 sizes and 3 different color options, this fun, quick knit will keep you warm on the football field and stylish for the tailgate party! 

When choosing colors, think of the colors of your team, country, or theme and add one accent color. For example, a local college here has blue and orange for their mascot colors. If I were making a shawl to wear as a fan, I might make the 3-color version and add a grey, white, or even a speckled yarn! This is where your personalization and sophistication are added to the pattern.

Pattern cost is $2.49.  More details available on Ravelry.


Knitted Wall Art

When I looked around and realized that all of my friends and family who would wear hand-knits had plenty of pieces to keep them warm and stylish already, I turned to knitting pretty pieces to adorn my home.

Yarn wall hangings have been popular for a few seasons, but I wanted a more modern piece that would match the style of my home.

Using smooth cotton yarn, geometrical shapes, and a bunch of knit blooms, this piece makes a perfect gift as well as a quick decor piece for your own domicile!

Knitting this piece in wool would give it a more boho or country feel. Linen would be another option for a contemporary look.

You will need approx 150 yards for the actual hanging, and a mix of various coordinating yarns for the flowers and leaves. For the sample, I used a cotton, wool, and silk yarns for the flowers and a wool for the leaves.

You will also need a 19” round metal floral hoop or embroidery hoop (a hoop that opens and closes is preferred, but I was not able to find exactly this, so I used a regular floral hoop and made a diagonal cut with a heavy-duty wire cutters. I then used super glue to close the hoop after putting the finished piece on the hoop.

Pattern is $2.49.  More details on Ravelry.